Plug Wires

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I'm just about that action Boss.
Hey I am looking into buying new plug wires for my car since mine are oem and my car has like 120k on it. What kind would be good without breaking 100 bucks for em? anyone know where you can get good ones over 9.3 mm online and whatnot? thanks for your time.
Go to here and get some OEM wires. Honda makes the best wires unless your spinning to 10k rpms or have over 500hp plus they are only like $40 or $50. Nolly, MSD, hotwires, they all do absolutely nothing. Also when you order the wires from there, also get a set of plugs for you car. ONLY put NGK plugs in your car. sells them for under $3 a plug. why don't they make a difference? I have heard and seen dyno sheets with actual hp gains from better spark plugs, wires, added up to almost 6-7 hp gains. Is this bs?
Yes, unless you are running extreme #'s, MSD, nolly, hotwire shit does ablutely nothing. Honda's electrical systems are one of the best in the industry. Save your money and just get OEM hondas. The one bad site that i linked you, you have to have the part # so either email them or call up a dealer and ask for the price and part # of the wires. Hparts will save you like $20
I would stick with stock wires. Even though stock wires don't have as low resistance as let's say MSD. They got better insulation which will keep away noise interference away from the computer system. Most high performance wires are low resistance, but create interference. If your vehicle wasn't computerized, I would say go with high performance wires. As for gaining up to 6 horsepower of plug wires. I don't beleive it.