police scaner

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i know this is not a rsx topic but since i have a rsx . any way i just want to know wich are the best police redars out there .... i want :mellow::)
Wait, you want a Radar detector, or a police scanner?

Pick one please:


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you need to get a radar scrambler if anything..
radar detectors are pointless.

Illegal. Radar detectors work wonders if you don't drive warp 6 like a fucking douche. They're only tools to keep yourself ticket free, not a guarantee.

Anyway, Valentine 1 is a damn good detector. But for a little less the Escort Passport 7500/8500 series work awesome.

I've had my E.P. 7500 for 5 years. It hasn't let me down at all, especially in unfamiliar locations.