Prelude In To A 96 Accord

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ok i need some help guys! doing a h22 swap into a 96 accord...i here all these forums from other sights say, to use the upper prelude power steering line and lower accord line, take it to a fitting shop. we tried that and they stated it will cut the sensor coil we didn't do anything, then i hear everyone saying to just use the whole accord line and use the accord power steering pump it will be tight but it will fit. what do you guys reccommend? do i also use the accord ps bracket too. what did you guys do?
Removed mine, sorry. kaoskustoms kept his p/s in his H23/Accord swap, but I forget how he did it. He just moved, so I'm not sure when he'll be back online.
use your accord p/s pump...and use the prelude's bracket...yeah the line is kinda tight...but give it a pull and you wont even notice that it's tight...well that's what i did...well dont pull on it...but pull enought so the end can reach the pump..
well i tried that and it will not even fit on the bracket plus the pulley doesn't line up. let me give you more detail. i have a 96 obd 2 accord and i have a 95 obd jdm h22. so should i use a 97 and up p/s bracket, will it fit on the 95 h22.