problem mpfi swap

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Race Eend

New Member

As first my englisch is bad and somtimes used i am a translator, but i hope that you my can help.
I hope that i am not post in the wrong topic.

I have a civic ed dxi automat and do the dpfi to mpfi swap, from d15b2 to d16a9 manual
Now have i am the problem
The motor have only spark on cyl 1 and 2, 3 and 4 have no spark from te distrubutor.

i have first this manuel done,

yesterday say people u must used this manual,

in both manuals have i am the same problem, no spark on cylinder 3 and 4.
Only at the last manual I suddenly have the problem error 3 (map sensor).
I can extract the key from the lock but the car stays on.
I push the wire from the cyl sensor, there are no changes, the car turn not off.

What are the problem and what are the best manual about mpfi swap?

I hope you can help me, sorry for my bad englisch.

Best Regards