Problems with lca's

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Well everyone I attempted to install my asr subframe brace and the suspension techniques sway bar on my '94 del sol si today, but failed. Well first it was a pain in the a** to get the inner pivot bolts off of the lca. But i got both of them off, finally. Well i then started to try to take the bolts off of the strut so i could put the sway bar link bracket on it, but couldnt move the bolt at all. I tried pb blaster on it, applying heat to it, a two foot breaker bar and a cordless impact wrench. I worked on trying to get it loose for about two hours. Then i called a friend of mine that used to be a mechanic and was over to help me out with it. He helped me out alright, he snapped the head completely off the bolt. Has anyone ever had this much trouble getting bolts off their cars? After that we took a cutoff tool and cut the bolt free, but now the bushing in the lca is seized so much i cant get the bolt off from in it. Later i bought a air impact wrench and decided to soak the other bolt in pb overnight and im gonna try again in the morning. Anyone else have any ideas on what to do? I just hope when i do the front sway its not as bad as the rear.
well im glad the people on here had alot to say about this. But anyways i got the old bushings out with a rotozip and the sleeves out with a sawzall. But on one side i cut about 1/16" or more into the lca. The sleeve was so thin that it was hard to tell when to stop. All the bushings are out, but now im having second thoughts on putting em back on the car. Like i said its only a little bit more than 1/16 of an inch into the lca but kinda worried about it, what does everyone think i should do. Maybe ill just buy some skunk2 lcas and be done with it.
Buy some new LCAs. You can get some good aluminum aftermarket ones from ebay for ~$150ish. After finding that the shock bolts in my teggy were so solidly rusted into the LCAs that they wouldn't come out no matter what (even with solid whacks with a 10 pound sledge after I replaced them, just to see if that would budge the bolt. It didn't). I had an ITR suspension laying around, so I bolted it up!