Problems with my H23A1 to a H22A

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Originally posted by 5 2002, 10:48 AM
I just finished swapping out the H23A1 in my 92 prelude SI for a Jap Spec H22A1 and I'm having problems. I have added the following mods during the swap, AEM cold air intake & pulley's, Lightened Flywheel, DC header, Apexi Exhaust, B&M Fuel Guage & regulator, Hollowed out the Cat, new plugs, wires, dis cap & rotor, fuel filter, timing belt & water pump. My problem is that the car runs good till it warms up and then it bogs down bad till you hit 3 to 4 grand and it eats fuel. I've tried taking fuel out, adding more fuel, taking timing out and advancing the timing but nothing seems to work. I've trouble shot about every dam sensor, check vacumme lines and I'm about to set it on fire it's pissing me off so badly. Need help

i have the same swap as you, im experiencing the same problem...

give me a shout if you find out anything... email at
I would over look everything once again.. mess with the air-fuel ratio u said u got a guage and pressure reg.. that might have a lil something to do with it.. and r u sure u have the right ECU.. im sure u just got a code being thrown at ya..