Question On Boost.

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umm what?

everyone else ignore this guys post. he makes no sense and obviously has no clue what he is talking about.


14.1:1 air flow my be ideal on the books for a certian rpm point, but fact is, its not ideal.

if it was so ideal, why is this motor making almost 600 horse, and has a constantly variable air/fuel. :bash:

OK what you put up there pretty much makes my case. It is variable I never said constant but it you look most motors run between 12:1 to 14:1 the high the rpm the more fuel needed that is why to run huge turbos you have to upgrade the fuel system hi flow pumps, big injectors ect.. The part about the emissions pump wasn't my idea nor did I try it or ever think it would work it was my idiot neighbors so why the BS
it looks to me like the 600 hp car needed more fuel on that dyno graph.... 14:1 is too lean under boost on a turbo car at WOT. 12:1 is as lean as you want to be to be safe with boost. I've heard 9:1 if using NOS, but I don't run it so I don't have first hand Knowledge.
ok whoa lots of confusion going on in here. about a/f ratio. . . you want to have a constant ratio. thats why people upgrade their fuel delivery systems... not so that you can have different ratios. the idea of air fuel ratio is that as you increase the boost the more fuel you pour in. if the calculations are correct than the a/f ratio should stay the same. ratio is relative. ie: 1:1 at 1lb of boost may mean x fuel. 1:1 at 32 lbs of boost is going to be much more than x fuel, however it should be in proportion so that the ratio is not changed. this is the whole reason that a wet nitrous kit is going to be safer than a dry one. with a wet kit you are not changing your a/f ratio as significantly as with a dry one because you are adding the extra fuel. now i know 23423 people are going to disagree with me but this is my understanding of it and im more than willing to be proved wrong.
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