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I know I know, I've already looked on Kazaa, I mean are there any good sites that host racing videos? I'm looking for street vids more than I am track vids. Thanks for replies.
Same here. I like watching people street race .. even though I don't condone it. =) (Yes, hypocrite is the word of choice here)
i got all mine off Kazaa

do a search for these exact names as they are my favorite videos ever

RX-7 3-Minute Burnout

Ferarri F-50 Koenig twin turbo accelerating away

{Race}Top Gear ferrari blow's engine

West Mclaren F1 Car Vs. Mercedes Road Cars
Burnout - Nissan Skyline

cool_supercar_burnouts_race_(orginal_240Z) (1)
the cool supercar burnouts with the 240 in it is amazing

an origional 240 with a turbo or SC corvette engine.(i cant tell which one)
i thought so cause of the squeaky noise
but the BOV made me want to say turbo

its pretty sick isnt it???