Radiator support...

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Oh, I do a little here and there.
I'm trying to remove the old bent up rad. support to replace it with a new one I have...

Is it welded on or is there something I'm missing? This damn thing won't budge and I've taken all the bolts out..but it's really banged up so maybe it could be stuck??
why would the radiator be welded in, serrrilion?

it is kinda hard to get out though.
make sure to unbolt any fan shrouds, and just wiggle it out and make sure all the hoses are off.
Radiator support is welded in about 100 spots, well maybe closer to 75 spots, the best way to change it out is to get a spot weld cutter and look closely where the support meets the front bulkhead and up by where the fenders first bolt is (closest to headlights)
you must remove the fenders to get at the top spot welds.
some pics/sites
Kicker1_solo's Car Webpage | Useful car info as well as car pictures.
eBay Motors: NEW RADIATOR CORE SUPPORT 92 93 94 95 HONDA CIVIC 1994 (item 390024969946 end time Jan-20-09 19:55:13 PST)
You should be able to see the spot welds as little indents.

I drilled em out with a drill a little bit bigger than the spot welds.
Then re spot welded the new one with the same spots.
HEHE I knew I wasent on crack? now welding a Rad, that be a good way to make a car go Boom!

I've replaced my radiator support in my 95 VX hatch. I drilled out all the spot welds I could see and, using a pry bar, located all the rest (drill out a few then try and pry it off only to be stopped by another one) and was able to remove it. I used 5/8th inch bolts in place of the spot welds since I don't have a welder anymore. I know it's a lot of work and if you have the same experience as I did you'll probably go through more than a few drill bits, but it's worth it to get the new one in, seeing as how it will strengthen the front end and give your headlights an original fit again.