Rebuild Jdm B16a

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what color code of bearings should i get from honda dealer? I'm using stock crank and rods.
You have to read the codes off the crank and the rods. If you are replaceing everything you should have the crank polished. To read the size for mains there are 5 letters stamped on the surface that seals against the oil pan, on the flywheel side of the engine these give the size of the bore in the main journals. On your crank you have 5 numbers (they could just be lines instead of numerals) stamped. Match the numbers to the letters you read off the block to get the color code from this table:
1 Red Pink Yellow Green
2 Pink Yellow Green Brown
3 Yellow Green Brown Black
4 Green Brown Black Blue

For your rod bearings Read the number stamped on the large bore end of the rod and match it to the Letter (this could also be bars instead of characters | = A, || = B etc) stamped on the crank next to the journal for that rod to get the bearing code from this table
1 2 3 4
A Red Pink Yellow Green
B Pink Yellow Green Brown
C Yellow Green Brown Black
D Green Brown Black Blue

Make sure to plastigauge every bearing journal when you reassemble the bottom end. Your clearences should be between 0.0013" and 0.0020". If they are not you need to change your bearing siz to adjust them. Get a helms for this work, it will save you serious hassle.