Removing Revlimiter

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Senior Member
I am wondering on 2000 Accord OBD 2 is it possibe to remove rev limiter without swapping to a new ECU(hondata, AEM) Whats the cheapest and easiest way! I thought I posted this but I can't find it so sorry if its posted more than once!
You can have the ecu Chipped. Make sure you get a good program but dont get a MUGEN program they run extremly rich. Dont take the rev limiter totally off, just raise it higher, that way you dont rev it to high.
YOucan't chip OBD 2 can you, I know at least that not many people in the states know the Honda Codes o OBD 2 cars. I think Jet can do it but I don't want to change the fuel curve I just want to get rid of the rev limiter. Thanks for the suggestion though.