TN rhd 94 civic 2door b16

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ok the good. right hand drive it is legal have clean title jdm power folding mirrors b16 a with skunk2 intake manifold tanabe strut bars gsr shocks and skunk 2 coilovers 15 inch bronze wheels brand new tires runs realy strong vtec hits hard at 4400 9000 redline wire tucked gold valve cover and strut bar not pictured motor is cleaner now iam having cam issues the bad has paint peeling on roof and trunk needs passenger side window rail fixed needs seat rails has new recaros to go with it everything works fine lights and all motor runs good i have put alot of time and money into it sense i got it needs some body work let me know what you got act quick iam moving in three days to colorado it is a nice car and the only second right hand drive car around here other is a skyline it has alot more mods just iam not good at typing call 901-503-2618 ask for pugg i check email alot too and dont ask about mialage you wouldent understand it is a new motor i had it refreshed it has abot 1000 km on it and the car reads km so asking mialige will not matter you can come see it iam interested in clean hondas nothing crazy i could meet half way thanks also it is a five speed and no its not hard to shift with your left hand if you email ill send pics intereior is pretty good

caal me if you want to see picture


These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
why should someone call you if they want to see pictures?

why don't you just post them? and post a price too....