salvage yard springs

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how good are Aerospeed springs?
yesterday I bought 4...rear being progressive rate, and the rears came with monroe gas-a-just struts....they were on a totaled 5g hatch. I got them b/c my teg springs were saggin in the rear. I put teg springs on the rear of my 5g civic sedan about 1 yrs ago..well, I had to cut the teg springs for the ride height I wanted...these aerospeed springs dropped my civic almost 2 inchs!. the ride is nice and smooth, not bouncy like my old springs, and I must say the monroes aren't bad....thinkin of tokico blues in the future though...but fer now....$40 for all 4 springs and the struts..I could't pass it up!....until next months yard adventure!
Nice find man! If they ride good who cares if they're arospeed or not. I went to my local yard 2 weeks ago and the guy wanted $40 a piece for 1 front and 1 rear assembly, and that was me pulling them. Sooo...I passed him up on them and bought agx's and neuspeed springs instead. Goin on the sol next weekend.
well, after a full workday with the "new" springs... rides nice...but can notice the fatigued front struts....if the front dampened like the rear...would be a nice nice till a dip in the road or a repair in the it sits 6" to the lowest spot on the front fascia...anyone still have their oem setup so I can get actual drop?...