Scca Rule Change Re: Wavior 4 Minor

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Basicly to sum it up, if your under 18, now BOTH parents must sign the wavior instead of one. Also, the sigs must be witnessed by an SCCA offical.

HT thread

This might screw me up, I know my mom will not want to go to the one because it is like 4 hours away and she hates cars. Urrg. I emailed an SCCA offical and hopefully they will give me a good answer. Some one on H-T said that if you get it signed once, your good for the rest of the season but the one is the first of the season.


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I emailed someone from SCCA and they said that you only have to get it signed once a year and there will be a solo2 school about 10 miles away on that saturday, i will probally just sign up for that and get it signed there.


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dude i bet they wouldnt even care if u just showed up to have them sign it, those SCCA schools are pretty expensive from what i remember.

that sucks tho.


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All this advice to lie :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

If he has my luck and lied, he'd do awesome, go on to the Nationals and then get caught and be DQ'd

Follow the rules. I understood the point to be that his mom didn't want to drive so far, not that she wouldn't do it if it were more convenient.

It does't suck to be a minor. It sucks to get old. I don't know who said it but they couldn't have been more right...

youth is wasted on the young