Seattle street racing sting

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Thats funny shit. I usta go out there and sit across from the Chevron and Jack In The Box where they all meet up and watch all the idiots roll out in huge groups to their "track" then wait for em to come back and watch it all over again lol. I was out there one weekend and the police helicopter was flyin around lightin all the groups up, it was great. It was funny to watch the security gaurds tryin to bust huge groups up like they were the real police too.
it's pretty good video. the cops had their shit together on this one.

I used to go out there a LONG time ago. Then it turned into jackers and ricers, trucks, and pt cruisers...

oh yeah, and i realized that street racing is gay.
people are dumb! That dude was crying because now mommy and daddy are gonna be mad and not help him fix his cars:rolleyes:
thats bullshit, it plays the damned ad, but wont play the video.
somebody needs to host that on youtube, bullshit weak ass news site.
What happened to the old days? Where if you wreck something you just pay for it and learn your lesson. The cops are going alittle over board with this street racing crap. I bet soon they will drive by a lot with a couple "imports with neons" and just arrest everyone for conspiracy to commit road and traffic violations.
That could be considered entrapment. I don't think they are going to continue cracking down on it until people get the point that it's retarded. Since it will always happen, they will always have a struggle to keep up with it, but attempts like this are a step in the right direction.

Colorado already has unmarked ricers around the springs and its considered street racing if you rev at someone who revved at you. Automatic 12 points.
unmarked ricers
I won't even get into how wrong this is.

if you rev at someone who revved at you
Wow. That's stupid. Especially since most ricers take at least a second to rev to redline.

Because I drive a civic here, people constantly try to race me. It's funny. Sometimes I'll pick up the handheld radio and key up on the repeater like I'm a PoLice radioing in for backup. Most of the time it scares the shit out of them (them being the kids that do that kind of crap.)

On another note today, I got pulled over by a detective in an unmarked car tonight for something like "excessive signaling" because I went through a traffic circle and used a turn signal to make known my intention of exiting the traffic circle. Keep in mind that is the required behavior in Europe, and the rest of the traffic circle using world. I think the guy was disappointed when my license came back clean, and he didn't see 432874038274091238 pounds of heroin sitting on the seat, in the trunk, or in the glovebox when he looked inside my car.
I got pulled over once because my license plate was "expired". it was a temporary tag that said in black permanent marker under a sealed paper tearing adhesive strip "Dec 27" it was November 28th. Then he told me that I had a hole in my exhaust without even looking under the car. I asked him where and he said I just told you in the exhaust. I asked what part an he said in the pipe.
thanks officer. learn what an exhaust is composed of before you pull me over for a hole in mine.
One of the instructors at the track in Nevada said that his son was constantly getting pulled over. His son drove a Suburban with black tinted windows and California plates. The cops pulled him over once, with his father in the car, for "driving too perfectly". According to the explanation the cops gave him, many drug runner will use the bigger SUV's, and they usually always have someone with them to act as the "spotter". Since my instructors son was signaling, using all his mirrors, and coming to full, complete stops and waiting to accelerate through an intersection, he suspected that something was up, because someone that young doesn't drive that perfectly unless they are being extremely conscious of their every move in order to deter attention from them.

It turns out that the kids mother was a driving instructor for one of the driving academies, and if he did not drive perfectly, his mother was always up his ass about it. The vehicle was registered in California because that is where they resided, but it was always in Nevada because that happens to be where his father worked, and his son worked there part time. His father backed him up on it, and the cop had a good laugh with them and sent them on their way.

Now that is some bullshit.