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Hi everyone! New to this forum but it seems, from reading, if you have a Honda/Acura question, this would be the place to pose it. So, here goes...

I have a 99 Acura Integra GSR. The engine blew in 2004 due to flooding and was replaced by an insurance company. I got a Jspec engine from a local used engine dealer. I live in VA and am subject to emissions tests, which I recently failed for the first time ever. As part of the repair process, the following 2 questions have come up:

A: How can I tell the car that the engine I have in my car NOW originally came from? The person trying to help me from the service center said there was no way to tell from the serial #, but I have suspicions that he is a dumbass. It would seem that every engine would have a make and model, just like every other part on the car.

B: General question - I am required to have an Idle Air Control Valve replaced in order to pass emissions. I have an estimate which totaled over $900. !!!! This includes a diagnostic, getting the computer back to snuff to pass emissions, the part itself (which retails online for $160-180, so I know I'm getting jacked up there) and the emissions passing itself. Is this price totally ridiculous, or should I shut up, pay the money, and be thankful I've never put any real $ into this car outside of this.

Any help would be appreciated, I promise.

I've rarely heard of the IACV's needing replaced--just adjusted. I'm assuming that your CEL is on, and that is the code it was throwing. Try to see if you can adjust and clean it before you contemplate replacing it.
it sounds to me that the person doing your diag is just trying to sell you stuff, george is right about the iacv not really ever going bad, I have seen a few, but unless your check engine light is ON and the idle is really a mess than it doesn't need replacing.
if you are using the stock gsr ecu then it shouldn't matter what engine is in the car, jdm engines may have a few less emissions items, but then engine itself is basically the same as far as sensors and parts go, most of the difference is in the jdm ecu's lacking the higher us emissions standards.
oh and if you want to know what year make model your engine came from there is a number on the engine that will get you close, it's above or bleow the engine serial number and is in larger characters. if it's from japan it should read b18c that would mean its from a 96+ acura integra. next you have to look at the intake manifold, if it comes out of the head and curves down then it's from a gsr, if it curves up then it's from a type R
if the engine says b16a it's from any number of range of civics and is really hard to tell what year and model it came from without looking at several things on and in the engine.
if it says b16b then it came from a 97-01 civic type R

if it says b18c1, b18c5 or ends in a number then its not a jdm engine.