short shifter

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i have the skunk2 ss, i love it :)
a B&M for $130. I'd look elsewhere.
I got my Skunk2 w/ shift ball(knob) for $145.
The B&M kit comes with new stabilizers, that is why one is so expensive.. you can get it without them, for around 60 bucks.
yea i can get the expensive one that is usually 130 for 40 bucks, i was just wondering if it was good or not.
I've had a Neuspeed one sitting in my garage for months in the box... I haven't gotten around to installing it.
uhh im not sure... its a freaking B&M. its junk. i paid $40 for it in a group buy center thing...

its gay
the bushings are gay
it rallttles like a bitch
5th gear is like in the glove box