Sir Suspension

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Senior Member
i did a full sir swap in my 94 HB, engine, brakes, steering, suspension all from a 2000 sir. The sir suspenion made my car sit really high and i have sportline lowering springs on my old stock 94 suspension, will theses springs fit and work on the sir suspension. cuz i hate it how high it sit.
it's maybe because of your chassis....with all that conversion, you could still function better with the stock suspension, could of got some Flightex suspesion or teins, then spend the rest on the motor.......
get the rear shocks out of there. the ek shocks dont fit right. the rear lca on the ek is alot longer and thus the shock is also different. the sprins will fit on the shocks u have on there. but i would just swap the complete suspension back over.