Sir1 Vs. Sir2

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Will parts such as: pulleys, cam gears, intake manifold etc. that are made for the SiR2 motor (99-00) fit on the SiR1 motor (89-91)? :blink:
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Mar 31 2003, 11:20 PM
I believe you are safe,except in the OBD related parts.

that's right...but let's get this straight...SiR2 is not 99-00...SiR2 is 92-95 JDM motor...the 99-00 Si has the b16a2 and it is USDM to go along with obd-2 as where the SiR2 is one thing right the SiR is 88-91...hopefully that didn't sound like i was being an assh*le but we can't really help anyone if they don't state all the facts correctly...but in these case we didn't need to many facts
I was asking this question because I have a 90` Integra GS hatchback and was thinking about the SiR1 swap since any other swap will be a big pain in the a$$. I might either turbo or supercharge it later. I might go NA. It sounds like a good idea right? My car weighs almost 100 lbs. less than the 99-00 civic si and my car will have the same power with that engine. Along, with my cars' four wheel anti-lock disc brakes this sounds like a better performance deal than a civic si possibly running mid to low 15s with just the swap and no a/c right? (the a/c compressor on my car is broke so I might just chuck the whole thing). :blink:
Originally posted by B16RacerN2NR Posted on Apr 1 2003+ 06:49 AM -->
B16RacerN2NR Posted on Apr 1 2003 @ 06:49 AM ) said:
SiR2 is 92-95 JDM motor...the 99-00 Si has the b16a2 and it is USDM to go along with obd-2 as where the SiR2 is OBD-1
Slow down,the B16A2 also apears in the OBD I form in the 92-95 VTi other than Japan.The USDM 99-00 ones are actually OBD IIb and they were the Delsol vtec's from 96-97 (according to parts manuals and Rsaeini who put one in his car) which is OBD II.

Originally posted by saturn_boy96 Posted on Apr 1 2003@ 08:45 AM
yeah but they are jdm obd, not usdm obd.

:huh: JDM OBD? USDM OBD?It is by year,not country of origin.

karnash Posted on Apr 1 2003
@ 06:51 AM
ALL jdm sir'2 are obd1?

They continued to be available from 95-98 in OBD II for and are still called siR II.