SIR2 Radiator Hoses

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Okay, most of you probably already know I'm about done with my swap now. Got paid today, picked up my radiator hoses I had ordered, picked up my oil, Honda MTF, and coolant...and just as I thought, something had to go wrong. The upper radiator hose was of the "flex hose" variety, 1.25 inner diameter by 17.25 length. The lower hose, which was molded, was the exactly right length and had proper bends, but it was about .25 in too small. BTW, I ordered both hoses for a 94 del sol DOHC vtec. (for those of you not familiar with my swap, its an SIR2 into a 96 civic dx.) Any info on what the hell I should do about this lower radiator hose would be appreciated. I already talked to both the parts stores here in town, nobody has any 1.25 ID flex hose that is of the length I need. Any ideas, can I use any hoses from a different b-series motor?
i think you need the hose for a 96 del sol vtec... the 93-95 del sol is the same as the 92-95 civics ... the 96-97 del sol is the same as the 96-00 civic... might be different somehow
alright, I'll try the parts store again tomorrow. Damn, I was really hopin to get this swap finished tomorrow and start it to see if I throw any codes. Maybe Advance can overnight a hose and get it to me by thursday. I'll let ya know how it turns out.