Skunk2 Coilovers?

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Hey guys,

I don't have a car right now, but I decided to start saving for another project car. I'm probably going to get an EK Civic EX. I used to have a 94 del sol (si).

My question is about skunk2 coilovers and shock setup. I keep reading how skunk2's are super bouncy and this and that.

When I had my del sol, we put skunk coilovers on but didn't put the 'adjusting sleeves'...just springs right on the stock shocks. My car was slammed and I loved that height. I don't remember my ride being bouncy at all, and I never blew any shocks.

I'm just wondering if this same thing is a good way to go? I guess you can say I did things the 'ghetto way' back then as I was younger and didn't have the cash flow i do today.

On my new ride, I really want to get things right. I was planning on going with skunk2 coilovers and tokico illumina shocks.

What are your thoughts on this setup? I want my car to be slammed super low like last time. I may not use the adjusting sleeves this time around again.

I appreciate any input. Thanks


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Well I have used skunk 2's before and they were ok then again I wasen't lowerd alot only 2" or so.. The ride was smoth with 16's on the car... but then I went and got some Teins and OMG I noticed a diffrance but thats just me... haha


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:worthyp: if your looking to go for a spring strut setup and not a full coilover i would go with Tein or Progress Springs and Koni Yellows struts for the adjustable dampening. thats just my $.02 its your car you do what you feel is going to be best for you