skunk2 intake manifold

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got my manifold on my engine now (b18c1) and finally got my rims poweredcoated and back on. now i need to go back to the track to improve on that 15s 1/4. get skunk2 i love it!!!
I plan on getting it but I have to wait like another week or so till it comes out for the D16Z6! I plan on trying to be like one of the 1st people to get it!
did the skunk 2 manifold bolt right up?..because i've heard there is like one bolt the doesnt line up when you put a type-r manifold on a B18C1 gs-r motor
The skunk2's are drilled specifically for their application, whether it be an ls/gsr/d16 head, etc. Type R manifolds don't match up on a gsr head, although they will on a b16.