Skunk2 Stage2 Cams B Series DOHC VTEC

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Boosted ls/vtec ohh yeah!
Hi I have for sale a set of skunk2 stage 2 camshafts for all B series DOHC VTEC engines. These are not the pro2 cams they are the original stage2 cams from skunk2. These have never been run but have been installed in a project engine. The engine these were installed in is the one in the all motor ls/vtec build in my signature. We have decided to use a little less aggressive cam for our project, that is the only reason we are selling these cams. They are in excellent condition and dont have any wear marks from use. This is your chance to save some big $ on one of the best set of camshafts out there for naturally aspirated engines. I am not going to post up any pictures because we all know what a set of cams look like and they are essentially new since they have not been run, so wear is not an issue. I trying to get $320 for them shipped to the lower 48 states. I also have a paypal account to make this whole process easy.

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luis was looking for some a while back

Thanks for looking out for me, austin. Bump for the cams and if they were turbo cams I would be on them like white on rice. Best of luck on your sale. :thumbsup:
No, we could not find anyone to buy them so we are running them now.