small honda motors

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You gotta love having the big block JDM or USDM honda motor underneath your hood.. the feel of just smokin a lil ricer 1.5 etc... and now the bad boy 2.0 and 1.7 they got in the honda and acuras now.. hey watch out for these guys.. they are funny true race happy riceburners.. i can't wait til i get my clutch fixed there is a new lil group starting to come to our town, from jackson lil civics, intergas.. they say they got more comin.. and i just can't wait.. to win some money off them.. cause i hate to be the one to break the news to them.. but their motors suck.. B series blows thats what the b stands for.. haha, ill take on any lil b-boy that wants to run'em in my neck of the woods, and at a car show too.. oh yes when u see the big body lude roll around, get ready to get your ass handed to ya... :D :p u suck.. ahaha
you should watch your mouth, nearly everyone on this board is a B-series fan, so your gunna get some major flame for this topic


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and what the fuck are you running mr R merril
its Rmerrell

i love that picture. but seriously... i beat a mustang GT at the track... i have the timeslip to prove it. it was a 2000 GT. its sad because i have a naturally aspirated 1.6 L engine... he had twice as many cylinders and like 3.0 extra litres. fucktards (insert TM)
Sure looks like he's not a happy camper - but I wouldn't be a happy camper if someone made me drive a mustang either.
Nah, I only look like that when I get cut off or someone's acting stupid, or I'm stuck in traffic.
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