So I just got a 15 day notice to move out...

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wow, that is fucking nasty. what a skeezy ass bitch. too bad you can't blackmail her for some money or something. send some pictures to her current husband or something.

rep:must spread teh lovez
Stick a decomposing animal under his mattress. Or shave his eyebrow off when he's sleeping. Take a dump all over his dishes and wipe with a paper towel.... I dunno, I've never had to put up with this shit.... I egged my mom's window when I got pissed at her once???
So this thng escalated yesterday. I was moving boxes out, with mine and my gf's jeeps in the driveway. The dude comes home, I'm in my room packing shit, adn he knocks on my door. He tells me to basically get the fuck out of the driveway. I was like wtf, I'm moving. He didn't give a shit. I told him I wasn't going to move so he said he was going to call the cops, I said go ahead, im not doing anything wrong. His gf starts running her mouth, I told her to stfu, then she started in on my gf, and so they started yelling at each other. eventually i got her to go back in my room, and i continued to load stuff while the police were on their way. At one point, i'm carrying a box through the house, the landlord and gf are walking in, I walk past the guy, and the fucking girl drops her shoulder and runs it into me, no shit. I'm carrying a 40-50 pound box of books, and this bitch does that, then starts screaming that i hit her. so i keep walking and said she was fucking crazy.. I get right outside the front door, and the guy had followed me out, then he proceeds to shove me and tell me to get all of my shit out now. I told him, what the fuck do you think i'm doing. Then he starts to say some shit that "if you ever do something again, i'll beat your ass" so I responded and said "hit me you fucking pussy", nothing. So i put a few more boxes in, cops come, and we start talking to them.

Basically, the landlord and gf lose their cool, start yelling and cussing at the cops, me and my gf tell them what happened, and they immediately side w/ us. They told the landlord to shut the fuck up and let me move out, that i am still on the lease so he has no right to say shit.

I am calling the lawyer again this morning to see if he thinks i should press charges on the guy. Since i was carrying the box, and he shoved me, my fucking left shoulder has been hurting all night, not sure if i strained something trying to not fall with the box.

on a lighter note, I just found out that FF spellcheck will correct the word "fucking":)
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwow. my gut hurts from the stress of just reading your post. that guy is evil. and his gf is a twat. ps yay for the cops not siding with the forces of darkness. is the landlord reimbursing you for the rent you're not benefitting from but have already paid? and what abouta damage deposit. i'd say if you think your money is at risk, i'd follow up with your lawyer. school's almost out and you have all summer to litigate his ass. get him to pay for a good once-over by a reputable doctor.
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What a fucking prick.

It'd be nice to sue him, but then you'd get tied up in legal shit. Nothing is ever easy, you probably wouldn't be able to make enough for it to really be worth it.
So is the move done yet?
Yea. got the last of my shit out last night and left the key there. I got my deposit back and the prorated amount for rent for the rest of the month. I'm done and out of that damn place. Yesterday while I was at work, my gf was there in my room, door locked, and the landlord came home on lunch. She texted me and said that he was going through the whole house locking all the doors, and that he had tried to open my door. After not being able to get in, he went into one of the other roommates rooms and was in there for a while, apparently snooping around. Now I just wonder how many times he did that to my room when I wasn't there.

I'm glad to be gone, now I just have to find a place to crash until the first of the month when I can get into my new room. My stuff is all spread out right now, some in my car, some at my gf's house, and some at my bosses house. My boss was cool enough to send two of his workers and a truck and trailer over to my house the other day to help move the big stuff, and then store it in one of the garages at one of his houses until I need it.

I slept in my car last night in front of my gf's house, so I'm crazy tired. We got out of class at almost 10pm, then by the time we got the last couple things out of the room, it was almost midnight, so she didn't get a chance to ask her parents if i could crash there for the night, so I just stayed in my car. oh well, hopefully i will find a place to sleep tonight. The jeep wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't totally full of stuff. I can't even move my seat back an inch because the rear seat is collapsed down to fit things in there.
It sucks that you have no place to sleep for now, but at least you're finally done with all the bullshit. Things should only get better from this point on...
Yea, having no place to sleep is fine. I've slept in shittier places than a car, and knowing that i have transportation and a little cash in my pocket for food and gas is good enough right now.

It's easy to let stuff like this become something that breaks you down, but I'm just keeping my head up and using the time between places to concentrate on schoolwork. I had a 5-6 page essay due for my history class last night, the same night I had to be out. I was worried I wouldn't get it done. I ended up trading schoolwork with my gf, she did my essay because she's better at history, and I did a few of her math take-home quizzes/worksheets. It's not the best way to get a grade, but you gotta use your resources sometimes to get stuff done. I'm just glad the situation with this asshole didn't affect my schoolwork at all.