speedometer off?

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how can i make my speedometer off? If any car naturally has something go bad in time, thimgs break as usual. Cant i make the speedometer off manually somehow.
off as in not reading correctly or off as in not working at all???

you can get it re calibrated and ask them to fuck it up for you i guess... or put some rims on that make your tire O/D bigger or smaller .. that will make it read the wrong speed

if you just dont want it to work anymore rip the needle off

i still dont understand why though
I gotta ticket and i need my calibration off. This is my 3rd ticket in 2 weeks. I cant race anymore or my liscence will be bye bye. I got pissed also cuz I got slapped a ticket for unaprooved exhaust when its a Greddy SP catback ,50 state legal. Makes me mad! I asked the cop to show me the radar speed and he said they cant lock it in and move the car to chase you to pull you over. Now to mention i didnt see him anywhere and it was a black monty carlo police car unmarked, not a city cop car. I dont think he clocked me. Does a state trooper have juradiction on city grounds to write tickets? I just wanna make my calibration off, but have the speedometer working. the car is a 93 civic so since its older it can be off but i was speeding. I almost redlined second and was at 49-50 then i slowed down in 3rd. Ticket was 49 in a 35.
ok a few things in there ... if he didnt show you the radar i doubt he clocked you ... fight it... bring the paperwork saying that the exhaust is legal and it should get tossed... state cops can ticket you anywhere in the state... and id say bring your car to a service shop that deals with drivetrain items and ask them if they can do it ... im guessing you want it to read as faster than your actual speed to fool you into driving slower??? they should be able to do something like that or tell you who could
or he could make it so it say he is going slower so when the cop pulls him over for doing 90 he could say that he thought he was going 35 :D
In the state of Virginia if your calibration is over or under by 5 mph your ticket will get dismissed. So why would your drive train affect the speedometer?
if the outside diameter (O/D) of the tire is larger or smaller than the original O/D of the stock tires then your speedometer will be off... if you have a larger O/D you will read slower than actual speed because the tires make less revolutions per mile... if they are smaller you will read faster because they make more revolutions per mile.... the amount you will be off increases as actual speed increases
Swap out the speedometer cable gear with a smaller or larger one. (I am too lazy to think of which one would do what to your readings)
borrow someone's wheels and tires (that are taller than yours)

i once got pulled over for doing 70 in a 50, but i swore that my speedo said 60..and it did cause i had 185/80r13's instead of 185/70r13's (stock size). i was delivering pizza at the time and the cop let me go.
Originally posted by SolidDreamz+Nov 3 2002, 09:24 PM-->
Does a state trooper have juradiction on city grounds to write tickets?

Short Simple Answer , YES
a state cop can pull you over anywhere he wants to. In some states. If a state cop pulls you over on a city road street whatever, they just call a town cop to come write up the ticket.

@Nov 3 2002, 09:24 PM
I asked the cop to show me the radar speed and he said they cant lock it in and move the car to chase you to pull you over.

There are no rules or laws regarding this. a cop does nt have to show you the speed on a radar/laser unit what so ever.

I also think you'll have a hard time prooving that your speedometer is not calibrated. Think of it this way, you go to court and say oh there's no way I could be doing 49 in the 35mph zone. I think my speedometer is misscalibrated. admitting you know it's not correct, they might be able to slap another fine on you for not gettin it fixed.
Also if you speedo is off a and you say you got caught at 49 in a 35. if you speedo is that far off that's a 40% error. That's almost impossible to do with changing rims and tires sizes.

I say suck it up like an man and admit you were speeding and got caught.
true, true, but all i need is it to be 5mph over or under and get it calibrated at a shop and bring in proof it was off and it'll get thrown out, thats all i want.