STD manifold for turbo application

Was at a site the other day, This site features a good couple of D-series turbo's. Most of these jobs use what they quote is the "STD" manifold. Where is this manifold from? I heard a certain year CRX? Also is it ok to use this STD manifold for turbo application, because after reading a certain turbo101/FAQ called 'G2IC Turbo Guide - A guide to turbocharging your Honda', it says and I quote "do not attempt to use the standard exhaust manifold, it will not work, do not try it". But on that site I see many working projects with this STD manifold?!? Can anyone shed some light? Also, does STD stand for "standard" or something else??



the manifold you want is the HF and it requires an adaptor plate...
search around this site and you'll see what they are talking about
and the HF manifold is off a lot of civics that have the cat right off the manifold...
Cool, that clears it up. Unfortunately in South Africa we never got the older Honda's with cat's because we only recently got controlled emmisions regulations. Any chance these manifolds could come off a say '96+ Civic? Is there maybe a US website that I might be able to source this manifold from?
i don't beleive any 96+ use the same style, but i could be wrong.

basically, look for a manifold-cat-downpipe-exhaust
instead of manifold-downpipe-cat-exahust


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'96-'00 honda Civic's

so i read your post and i have a '99 Civic LX (D16Y7) base model and it had a similar manifold to the STD it was the header-cat combo and if i remember it right the dimensions are roughly the same as the STD maybe it would sit a little lower but i think it would work non the less, but really if i'm wrong let me know cause i swaped out my old header (the header-cat combo) when i got my 4-2-1 header and after seeing what the boys from home made turbo did i'm gonna see if the guy who did the work for me kept my old header, so if that one is no good tell me for sure cause like everyone else i hate to waste my time.