Suspension conversion

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Would it be better to switch out the front strut and torsion beam (front), and solid rear axle (rear) suspension with Double Wishbones? I heard that the first gen integs are zippy due to the solid rear axle, but newer suspensions also have their technological advantages. WHaT SHouLD i Do?!?!?!
sell the car if you want to go fast.

sorry dude... but its jsut reall y hard to work on and nothign fits or goes right in without some work...
Ouch. Good luck swapping all those parts out. I doubt that the mounts are even there for the wishbone setup... you'd be in for some cutting and welding!
Get a Gen 2 Integra, they don't cost much, they have a double wishbone suspension, any B series engine fits right in, and there is sooooo much more aftermarket support for it than the gen 1.