Suspension Problem

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due to the overwhelming response to this thread, i thought i'd tell everyone my news. i'm getting Energy Suspension bushings for the front end of my car to replace the old, cracked ones. i also put a deposit on some Zero1 Racing coilovers (R1 is the same comp. i believe) so my suspension will be tuned for the spring. i'll also be picking up my rear strut bar, getting an alignment, and my camber correction kit retuned in January.
i may be the slowest pos honda in town, but i'll handle better than most of them =)
make sure the stabilizer links are securely tightened to the control arms, mine were loose when i fucked around with my suspension and made an awful clunking noise over the slightest bump...they were also loose by about a 1/4 turn, so even the slightest wobble in it will cause a horrible noise, you'll need i believe a 6 or 7 mm allen wrench and a 12mm wrench to make sure they are tight