?? suspension setup ideas for 95cx hatch b18c

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Junior Member
I am looking for help in deciding what suspension setup I should buy for a swap in progress. It is a 95 cx hatch with a b18c. The only item I have purchased so far are Tein basic dampeners. I was kooking for a street setup for a weekend driver. Any ideas on a setup that works well together? (strut bars, frame ties,sway bars, etc). Budget is around 6-$800, not including wheel/tires, and disc brake conversion....


Super Moderator
my suggestions would be to first buy a rear swaybar, then buy all the verious tie bars. Swaybars results are much more noticible then tie bars. A good cheap OEM solution is a ITR rear swaybar with some kind of reinforcement kits, a somewhat larger oem front swaybar (ie RS/LS integra or GSr) Next, up to some bigger brakes. Integra brakes are a great cheap oem upgrade matched with some good pads. Buy some cheap lightweight wheels (rotas are always a good option) and put some good tires on there. Azenies, Kumho MX's,or brigestone Potenza S03's are all good canidates. If your bushings are on their way out, get some good polyurathane bushings and put those in. With these steps, you can have a hatch that handles extremly well