suspension setup

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I would like some advice for my civic.. I have 93 cx hatchback and I want to improve the handling. Right now i am thinking of getting KYB agx shocks with neuspeed or eibach springs...after i get my suspension i am going to put on 15" wheels(right now i am on stock 13") I use my hatch to commute to work(in Boston where potholes eat cars alive) but i would like to try doing autocross at some point. So here is my question:should i go with 1.5"drop sport level spring or something with more drop like a race spring? My concern is having the tire rub a lot and the car bottoming out on every bump if i go with a race spring. I don't care if the ride is harsh..I just want optimum handling. thanx guys :worthy:
not really sure. Whatever gets the job done right. I was trying to avoid coilovers just because of the price.. but if thats what i need then thats what i'll get. I figure $1000 will get me springs, shocks, camber correction and maybe strut/sway bars.
i thought coilovers were alot more expensive than just sprgins, but if you check out some prices, you'll see that they are only like another $100+ or so (for the set). if u just want to go springs, i would suggest getting eibach sportlines. they are good quality and give about a 1.75-2.25" drop...just low enough so you are not scraping ALL the time..just some of the time. the ride is excellent too. not bouncy, and not harsh. if i could go back in time, i would have gotten coilovers though just cause i hate having to crawl up and down every drivewway and speedbump.
another option to Eibachs are Suspension Techniques... they are the same springs .... my friend has bought both and we compared them... they are the exact same but they are about $50 less
i say the tein type ss coil overs for $900 from jason at thats what i'm using, and i love them.
figure, 300 for springs, 500 for shocks...
900 is not a bad deal for the real thing

or you can be like me and have to sell a kidney for some JIC's flt-a2's :)
yeah sounds like i should just go right to some coilovers. what is a good camber correction kit that will match with some teins? thanx for the adice guys.
camber correction is not needed unless you drop more than 2 inches and for your street conditions i wouldnt suggest it so you most likely wont need a camber kit