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I have a 96 Civic. I have coilovers on it right now. They f#$ked up so I cant adjust the back and they are just all screwed up. I am getting a body kit soon so i need to raise it up. I want my car to handle really well. What is the right amount of drop I need to get a low look with the handleing i crave. Any suggestions?
Depends on your cash flow man. Not everyone will or wnts to drop 1000+ for a set of coilovers.

I would go ground control or skunk2. Good but not super expensive.

Coilovers weren't made to adjust your car's height at will, rather to be adjusted to corner balance the car.

If you are just looking to lower the car, get some Tein Springs. They are like 150 or so at Options Auto Salon.
if you really want to good suspension, go with Flightex, if money doesn't matter. But ground controls are great. Skunk2 kinda bounces....a good drop with a body kit would be 1.5 drop to 2.....good luck