Swap Into Eg Coupe

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can anyone give me info on a b17 swap? is it any good or what??
Good motor,rare.Right OBD but it is a cable clutch,get an adapter or a hydraulic tranny.
could i use a b16 or b18 tranny? i have heard that the b17 is compatable with parts from both. is this true or did i get smoke blown up my @$$??
Shit I wish I had a B17,yes you can use a B16,18 tranny.
It would be better as you have a hydraulic system in your car now.But you can get a conversion from HAsport.
The B17 is rare, and it is a decent engine. But generally people want way too much for it because it is rare. I am not very impressed by it's performance. The two 93 GSR's I have raced have been slow. IMO the B18C1 owns it.
i found one for $1500.00 for a complete swap. tranny and all. i was told the parts are interchangable with a b16 or b18, so i figured i would check it out and see if it is worth the money
Make sure it is not stolen, but $1500 is a great price for any DOHC VTEC swap. I would go for it.

All I was saying is that many people want almost as much for the B17 as the B18C because it is so rare. They aren't worth $3000.
Originally posted by lsvtec@Mar 4 2003, 06:31 PM
Make sure it is not stolen, but $1500 is a great price for any DOHC VTEC swap. I would go for it.

Our salvage yard on post sold the complete swap from a flipped GSR for $800,$1500 isn't surprising to me since there are a lot of places that don't know that it is a popular thing to swap motors into Hondas and could care less,they look at a flipped 92 GSR as another wrecked car.
Originally posted by rsaeini@Mar 4 2003, 08:39 AM
I'm simply curious to know why you want a B17 ??? Why not a B16 or B18 ??? :blink:

Why not,OBD I vtec B series available in America,works pretty good for some applications,and a slightly higher displacement than the 16.
ok so is it true bolt in or do i need mounts or some kind of conversion kit. sorry but i have never done a swap before. me and a friend will do it ourself. i dont believe in speed shops or mechanics
Between your civic and the GSR you should have the right mounts.The tranny one might be different,not sure if the cable ones were or not.
ok i will check and post it. then when i do the swap i will take pics and post them here and on honda acura gallery.

Oh and for all you sohc non vtec owners- i out ran a 97 b16 hatch last night. swear to god