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i currently own a 98 civic EX with bolt ons. i want a lighter car so i plan to buy a 92-95 hatch (i like how they look better than CRXs) im only concerned with drag racing and not handling so here are my questions (i plan to eventually add a turbo): with the options of h22, lsvtec, and crvtec...which one is the most cost effective to swap and add a turbo to? i MUST keep a/c and power steering.


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h22a more hp and torque but you have to look at the low compression int the ls block so it is between ls/vtec and h22a. i am throwing a h22a into a civic hatch 95 si and building it for turbo in the near future i hope i would go with h22a


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i want to know which setup will most likely run in the 12 second range with a turbo. and i want to be able to run 11's once i save the $ to build up the internals to handle more boost.


ed burgeholtz- stock bore gsr
lisa kubo- stock bore gsr
mike laskey - stock bore gsr

all those cars run 9s


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can you keep p/s and a/c in an EG hatch with an h22?


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Originally posted by H22CX@Mar 28 2003, 10:11 AM
how did he become the head honcho?

When he made the site.


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i think with engine swaps its better to have a goal to work toward, like say you want to run xx.xx times with a full interior and decide how much power that will require, rather than just saying which engine wil do xx.xx times.


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doing the engine first and working from there is a good way to waste fuck loads of money
- set a goal
- do some research
- figure out what will alow you to acheive those goals
- do some more research
- reform the list a few times
- then when the list is set with the parts you want for the goals youve set
- start buying stuff


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 25 2003, 04:04 AM
n/a, yes
boosted, no a/c

some one told me that i couldnt use my ac anymore if i put a h22 in my 92 civic .
do i use the same compressor that i have now on my 1.5L engine or i need the one on the h22?
what about the hoses are they the same ? :unsure: