Swaping for boost potential

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Hey everybody,

I have a 99 civic SI, and want to swap out the engine for one that's compatable with more then 8lbs of boost, so here's the question.
Should I get a B18C or an H22A, obviously the H22A will be more expensive all around, which is a concern but not a problem if it will yield a gain comparable to the price. Also, what kind of tranny should I use for a turbocharged b18c/h22a (as far as spooling is concerned)? And should I use a thicker head gasket, aftermarket pistons, or both?



Staff member

dude- get a tubo for the b16a you already HAVE.

no honda motor will hold more than an other--

h22+turbo will be sick fast, but will cost you about 8k when all said and done with a turbo. build up and boost the b16.

tranny has NOTHING to do with spooling.

do some reading in our turbo section.... honestly, you knwo nothing about turbos and I highly suggest you LEARN about what you are getting yourself into rather than being fast and furious and wanting boost like everyone does :)
if youre serious about it- start doing MAJOR research
I think what he was asking with the tranny question was, which tranny is geared longer, in order to make the most of out boost levels at each gear. Which I believe is covered in our boost reference stuff.
If you are looking for the best boost oriented tranny from what I have been told the tranny from an integra ls is best. You need to get a different differential though, as the teg tranny I think is good for only around 200 or less whp. Good luck with your project, but pissedoffsol is right, do ALOT of research before you do anything, you will save alot of time and money learning before buying.