Swaping out blown d16a6 for d15b2

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ok here is the deal, I'm swaping out the blown d16 for the d15 I know what most of you are thinking but but I'm doing it and have no choice of now not to do it. Besides All I wanted was this other car with the blown motor for a parts car, but as it seems I like this one better so now mine is the parts car. But I was wondering how meny of you took the motor out, as we speek I am disconecting vacuum lines and elct lines. I was wondering if there was a site or what not, if not I'm going to keep pulling on shit till it comes out, cuz I figured how hard can it be to swap this out? well know I guess I under estamated the power and wires of the civic, I have yet to pull the axels out, they will be coming out soon, maybe tonight. But web site picture you took would all be very helpful. Thank you!
Actualy I'm not swapping to a smaller motor anymore...And the head on the 16 was trashed. But I still can't get those damn Axles out, everyone keeps telling me it isn't that hard but I just cant do it, and no one else can either I guess because I keep inviting them to come and show me how to do it........But where do I get that book? because I need to get this car out of the shop, and park it with no motor for the winter, then in spring I'm dropping in a b16a1....
axles out of where, the tranny side? if your talking about the tranny side, do NOT pull on the axle, it will screw up the bearings inside the boots. stick a very large regular (flat head) screw driver or small pry bar inbetween the axle and tranny and give it pop. it WILL come out with no problem. there is a retainer clip on the inside thats holding it in there and it needs a pop not a constant pulling motion to come out.