swapping my vxi

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i have a mate who wants to put the engine im taking outta my car in to his 1.3 civic will this be easy as me putting a b16a in mine he we/need all the help we can get on this jubject so please help
what year is the 1.3 civic. If it is a 92-95 it would be no problem (yours is a 92-95 right) It would basicly be a bolt up swap.
That's funny because that is exactly what I did.As long as it is a 92-95 it is,and then they will have a vtec yippeee!!!
its same year as mine what about the wiring i think his is a carberettuer (i know its spelt wrong) he thinks its going to be hard so i said i would check it out for him cause i dont know jack
i dont think that any 5th gens came with carbs, some one correct me if i am wrong. You will have to change the wiring for the o2 sensor and also run a few wires for vtec. He also needs your ecu
I've seen a carbed 5th gen here.It was the 1.3 but it may have been swapped in,it didn't look right.It is also the only one I've seen from that gen.