T3/t4 Hybrid

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how is the t3/t4 combo made exactly? I know you take the t3 turbine and put it in the t4 housing, but is it that simple? What cars did these turbos run in? Is there a better turbo for hondas, i.e. a large volume at low psi, quick spooling unit?
thanx for all the help
no- not at all.

the t3 is the exahust side, for quciker spool
the t4 is the compressor side, for more power potential.

so basically you get the spool time of a t3, with the power output potential of a t4.

a t3/t4 is not a small turbo, but not very big either.

what kinda goals/power numbers ar eyou looking to get out of what motor with what build
I'm looking at b20 VTEC for circle track use. I'm not so sure about turbo 'cause I need quick acceleration off turns. If i can find a FI setup (possibly SC) that will give me deccent acceleration with a higher average speed than NA, I'll run it. Dont worry about my block getting damaged, it'll be bullet proofed no matter what. This will run at both 1/8 and 1/2 mile tracks, i.e. equal length turns and straight aways. Last year a neon won the season championship, I think I can blow 'em outta the water
Turbo wont get you fast acceleration off the corners. You would want to go with a supercharger for that. More specific, a roots style supercharger gives you instant response.

Turbo is better for top end, but you wont see much up and go off the corners.
for trach racing like that i def would go turbo. id run a t3/t4e at least. since its not a road course you will always be up in the rev range so lag shouldnt be a problem at all. on the straights itll be killer.