the right turbo

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i will get a b18b1. i want to get around 300-350 horsepower. :ph34r: what turbo would u guys recommend?
thanx in advance
Me being partial to mitsu turbo's..I'd say a big 16G or a 20g. Those are TD05, TD05/TD06 turbos...but don't ferget to build up that bottom end!
Once again greddy uses the 18G in their LS kit. If you build the internals up on the motor than you could push that much HP at 15psi to the wheels!
do the 18g or 20g turbos come on any car from the factory? i dont want to buy a whole kit. i wan to get the pieces seperetly.
Your right turntune! The 18G and 20G did not come stock in anything! They are all aftermarket. The closes thing you are gonna get stock is the big 16G off of an EVOIII from Japan!
you could always go with a Garret T3/T4 with a S trim wheel....600 cfms@15psi will certainly get you your 300whp mark!
or ..if you don't mind lag...a V trim wheel will certainly put a smile on your face!
since there are many different T3/T4 combos....and I am partial to mitsu turbos,but I have the flow maps to the following Garret turbochargers:
T3 40,45,50,60,super60,61,64,66,68,70,72,76 trims
T04 60 62 trims
T04B H2,S3,V1
To4E 40,46,50,54,57,60 trims
But I'm finding new ones weekly!