Thievery Revenge

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okay so 1130 am yesterday some fucks decided it would be a good idea to steal my VAFC (just the upper portion, not the entire harness) and my pioneer dehp 9000r cd player.

well one of my friends happened to be getting out of his car at the same time that these fucks were in mine... he wrote down what there car looked like and what they were wearing. he ran to my door and was like... hey ... i think there are some fucks breaking into your car... so i threw on some shoes and ran as fast as i could to my parking lot and sure enough there was no VAFC to be found, or CD player... luckily they left my cd's and jurassic five concert tickets :)

so i get on the cell phone and blow up the MSU police and give them the low down... two cars were dispatched to my location.. i gave them all the info my friend had written down...

the cops insisted i had left my door unlocked which i never do.... so i had to show them how he broke in... screwdriver to pry the window open then coat hangered the lock... he scratched the paint on the sol a bit too on the roof and tore a little bit of the black seal as well.... (which makes it a felony charge since damage was done to the vehicle :) dumbass fuckers)

so after pointing that out i also had to point out the 4 perfect fingerprints that were on the inside of the window where he had held it open to use the coathanger... the only way he could have been stupider was to drop his wallet in my car... i mean these prints were absolutely perfect... every print except the thumb all the way down to his palm... amatuer motherfuckers.

well just then as they were dusting for prints... over the radio came that they had a suspect in the car described that happened to have a vafc and a pioneer deh p 9000r among other stolen items in his car.

sure enough he had been jackin shit for a while... but he made the mistake of fucking with the best... so now he got charged with all kinds of good shit... and i get my vafc back this afternoon because the police have to do something because it was evidence...

cliffs: some fucks tried to steal my shit, now they are being charged with a felony and some other piddly breaking into car shit... but fuck em! they were lucky they drove off before i got there because i was so ready to chuck a rock through there car window

i'd just tell the cops to look for a fuckin accord with a huge hole in the back window.... fuckers
i dare you to try it again.
find him off capus, kick him in the balls repeatedly till he passes out. strip him naked

throw his clothes in a sewer

walk away. :)

when he comes to, he'll be purple nutted and buck naked.
:lol: @ B

that sucks that they fucked up the paint and the sun roof thingy tho... and why didnt your friend just run over to the car and beat the shit out of them right there? I would have if i saw someone braking into a friends car.
that sux0rs , bet hey at least oyu got your stuff back. If your friend didn't see anything you'd prolly never see it again
If I were you I do something nice for your friend because if it wasn't for him you wouldn't have anything. He acted pretty quickly, if I was in that situation I would have went over and beat there asses but I'm stupid anyways.
my friend is kind wel.... really a pussy ... but he did the right thing so i am forever grateful to him... and he never busted us for getting wasted in the dorm room either because he is our RA.

update though!!

michigan liscense plate #
8EM U95

it's being run now for a name and address...

like i said dont' fuck with me
i know the dude that jacked my shit a few years ago and he has no idea that i know but oneday he will :D
glad u got your shit back and the fuckers are getting caught..unless they are caught already. i am kinda confused on that. what is a VAFC?
VTEC Air Fuel Controller. From Apex'i's site:
"A'PEX introduces the first digital fuel computer that combines fuel computer functions with a VTEC engagement controller. The V-AFC features a user-definable, eight-point, adjustable fuel curve that can be set in 500 RPM increments. The range of fuel adjustment is +/- 50% at each of the user-defined setting points. The Fuel Adjustment function considers wide/narrow throttle and low/high camshaft settings, from which four different fuel maps are created (wide-low, wide-high, narrow-low, narrow-high). The integrated VTEC Controller adjusts the point at which the engine switches from the Lo to Hi cam during acceleration, as well as when the engine switches from the Hi to Lo cam during deceleration."
They also make one for non-VTEC ECU's.
way yo go
if i was you i would put sugar in their gas tank and cut their brakelines, and then take a dump right on the hood of their car. lame ass mother fuckers
well its bad enough that they got charged with a five year felony. each person is charged with one count.

the max penalty is five years, but i know they wont get it
nice, good to hear they caught them, i've had my care broken into a few times, so i feel your anger... they tried to steal my vafc once, but coudn't get it off the stand for some reason? lol, good ol apexi :)
lol, pretending to be a ricer is so fun...

Injected Supra: hey, are you there?
Injected Supra: o hey
Injected Supra: i saw your name on the hondaswap boards
pillsPMD: yo
Injected Supra: i dont know if my civic has V-TACH or not
Injected Supra: how do i figure it out?
Injected Supra: it sounds pretty loud
Injected Supra: but idk
pillsPMD: wtf? vtec you mean?
Injected Supra: o vtec, i usually just say V-TACH or V-TECH
pillsPMD: lol
pillsPMD: drop the H
pillsPMD: and the hyphen :-)
pillsPMD: the valve cover will say it
Injected Supra: ya but i think it says V-TECH on my motor
pillsPMD: or the spark plug wires will be facing the front
pillsPMD: what kind of civic is it?
Injected Supra: i dunno my car is black
pillsPMD: come on guy... you have to know something
pillsPMD: EX, CX ???
pillsPMD: 2 door
pillsPMD: 4 door?
Injected Supra: ya its a 2 door
pillsPMD: what year?
Injected Supra: i dont remember
pillsPMD: come on guy....
Injected Supra: 86 i think
pillsPMD: nope. wasn't invented then
pillsPMD: i'm out yO
pillsPMD: holla