This is bullshit!

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Okay heres the story. I just spent over $3300 getting everything i need to do my B16 swap and swapping it to a 5-speed. And since i dont have any experience with swaps (yet) i am paying someone a few hundred to put it in for me while i "watch and learn." The engine just arrived at his house last thursday, so everything went in motion and in a hurry. i towed my car over to his house saturday so he could begine the swap. well, yesterday i got a phone call from his wife saying they got into a fight and he left her pregnant with two kids (she was trying to make it sound worse than it really is), and she doesn't know where he is, and that i need to find a way to get my engine and car out of there house.

So im like WTF, so i call Lee (my mech) and ask him whats up. i find out he got called into work (at honda), he said his wife was being a bitch and over reacting, and that he will take care of everything.

so i call his wife back and try to let her know where hes at and hope she cools down.

so as of right now im just hopeing they get everything figured out and he doesn't leave.

:cliffs: my mechanic and his wifew got into a fight, and now i have to find away to get my car (that doesn't run) and engine out if there house ASAP.
im like damn cant you 12 year olds hold your bickering off for another week.

it was cool going over to his house and seeing 4 EF's and 2 EG's

i think its just cuz she pregnant, the moodswing crap.
she's a huge ball of hormones... cars are pissing her off since they're all over. she makes that into a HUGE problem, and makes it sound like the end of the world is going to come if they don't move out of her space. he tries to reason with her, which in turn makes her more upset.

you're just lucky she didn't take a bat to the car! ;)

i know this... because i've BEEN THERE. hehehe
she has been understanding on the other swaps hes done, hell shes even helped. but i don't know whats up her ass, or lack there of. :shrug2:
Originally posted by ef9civicgen4@Jan 20 2004, 05:58 PM
but i don't know whats up her ass, or lack there of. :shrug2:

Ill throw it to her if it helps you out. Wheres she live, im ready to take one for the team :D