This Is Sad...

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Solreaver how could you steal this mans copyrighted image!!j/p :P That has to be the shittiest thing I've seen,such pleasure in the destrution of something so beautiful.I bet the crane operator likes to kick puppies :angry:
I now must go vomitt, this is truly a sad day. :unsure:
i cant think of anything to to heaven you go little're in gods hands now :( :puke: just one of those wheels OW3Ns my car.......
It is hard to believe that the state can demolish your property for speeding...
it seems unconstututional.
That is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.
People I know would kill to get a car like that.

There would be a lot of problems for them if they wasted my car for speeding too much....
what a bunch of laaame freaks.

I could go on but i won't :angry:

lets find out where that impond yard is........ :ph34r:
FUCKING COCK SUCKERS!!!! how could they do that? even if they hated the car, shit! it's a fucking skyline!!! sell some shit and make money!!!

And now for sale:
a busted ass skyline on ebay j/p
that truely is sad... it seriously sends chills through my body. that is soo fucked up, i don't see how they could do that. why don't they just make the poor guy sell it? wtf????