This is what I should be building

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Video of 78\' Civic V8!! - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Coolest. Civic. Ever. Period. Exclamation point!


Yup 1/8th, if you listen, he short shifts 1st gear, he's not driving it to it's full potential. That things a fuckin death trap :)
I actually took some measurements on my brothers big block chevy and TH400 trans with a Dana 60 we had layin around compared to my '78 civic, the driveshaft would need to be 3-4 inches, which is basically a u-joint.
132.58 mph in 1/8mi?!?!?! Speachless.

And yet, I still bugs me that it's not a honda motor. It's still the most baddass thing I've seen all month. Just wish they'd gotten their hands on this:
Yeah, because putting an acura v8 in it would get SO much better results for the same money as their blown smallblock.

*roll eyes