timewarp thread (put blast from the past crap here)


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Ok I just went through this thread up to about page 14.... here's what I collected:

surge - remember the ads with people running through ghetto obstacle courses!?!?!
big johnson shirts- hahaha never go camping without your big jonson
little ceasars - still operates in Canada and hell yes to the 5$ hot n ready!
tron - still rules. i definitely remember watching this numerous times when i was a kid.
super soaker 50- its down here in the basement somewhere....
the wonder years - classic show, don't really remember it very well in detail but i watched it like every day
bill nye - made science class worth going to (sometimes!)
clash of the titans- also watched in school
don't know if anyone mentioned "boy meets world", another show I grew up with.

Originally posted by E_SolSi
"you can definitely tell when someone is not from the CT/NYC area when they think vomit on cardboard qualifies as "good" pizza"
LOL!!!! One night we're sitting around we decide to order pizza. I open the phone book, there's a place in town called "New York Pizza". One oftheir deals is 2 large pizzas and 2 cheeseburgers. Well being in the state of mind we were in we decided this sounds good. Soon we find out that they send cheeseburgers so that you'll have something to eat when the pizza gets there. And no joke the bottom of the ad in the phone book says "desserts and cigarettes also available"
But your "vomit on cardboard" comment really reminded me of that place!!!

Props to you all for this thread, it totally made me miss my childhood. even though I'm only 22 I feel like an old fart whose life has passed him by. Thanks a lot.


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Earlier someone was wondering what happened to little Ceasars, i guess there aren't a ton of them like there were a few years ago...?


These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
michael winslow was the only reason people watched police academy 2,3,4,5,6-3242.


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i think everyone calling them "little sleazers" didn't help. :D

good 'za though...good 'za.


that shit is like eating vomit on cardboard

in my travels ive found that it is indeed true that you can not get a decent pizza outside of southern New England / NYC
Chicago does have their deep dish if you like 75lbs of toppings
other than that.... buuuughhhhhh :puke:


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I would put up some blast from the past stuff but I'd have to get my old girlfriends to regurgitate it all bahahahahahaha