Transmission Grinding.......

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Here about a month ago my transmission started to grind when it went into 3rd gear. It only did it in 3rd till about 2 weeks ago. Now i almost have to use 2 hands to get it into gear and when i try to put it in reverse it grinds the first time i try so i have to let out the clutch and pretty much ram it in gear. The only thing i can come up with is that it is my throwout bearing. My clutch isnt slipping so i dont think that its that and my slave and master cylinder are still good so i dont know what the problem is. If anyone has any advice please feel free to let me know
I am going to guess its a d-series and the tranny's are weak. Its the syncro's (sp? god i suck at spelling :angry: ) You will have to get another tranny or get that one fixed.
I have the same problem but I'm taking care of it with a full swap. The D-Series trannies suck a fat one. You could get a new throwout bearing or you could just get a new tranny and save some money. New tranny would be pretty cheap and hella easy to install...given you have the tools and expertese. Then again I have been blowing smoke out my ass all day so who knows.
i forgot to say that when i put it in gear(when i can get it there) it will start moving w/ the clutch still pushed in....... so if that helps then there u go
I still stick to my post.. but a car WILL move when the clutch is in b/c when the clutch is in, it releases the clutch from the flywheel (bsically making the tranny/motor not touch) and so you will roll b/c its like an auto when you have it in neutal :)
Originally posted by Domeskilla@Mar 3 2003, 06:23 PM
Its the syncro's (sp? god i suck at spelling :angry: ) You will have to get another tranny or get that one fixed.

Yep sounds like syncros, and maybe a bent shift fork from you trying to force it into gear. Be careful or you will break the fork and mess up the rest of the tranny. If you can't pull it apart and fix it yourself it's a lot cheaper to just get a new tranny. Check you fluid level and add some Marvel Mystery Oil if it's low. Might help it last till you get another tranny.
Mine does the same thing....D series tranny... ;) But in my H23 swap my cousin said it pops out of 3rd. My d series right now pops out of 2nd occasionally. While the H23 tranny is still off what could i do to fix the problem. Thanks