Transmission Swap

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Senior Member
i have a 95 civic D15b7 with an auto tranny and want to swap the transmission for a manual transmission. i know nothing about whats involved or where to get the parts or what parts fit etc. if someone is willing to lay it all out for me i would greately appreciate it. thanks
its really a lot of work. remember, you need to add the pedal, all hydraulic lines, clutch cylinder.

its possible, however i don't think its financially worthwhile.

i would sell your 95 civic and get another 5th gen.
If you're converting the car along with a swap and can find someone to do a good job of converting the car, it might be worth your money... but most places don't even want to touch auto -> manual conversions. If you just want to convert it to manual for the sake of having a stick shift, sell it and buy a manual Civic.

i have a 2001 honda accord lx . 4cylinder. automatic. Do i have a f23 tranny? can i use a h22 auto tranny instead? is h22 auto tranny better then f23? if not which tranny is compatible and better? Is it worth getting transmission coolers also? THANK YOU! i cannot drive 5 speed.