Turbo For Ls Powered Crx


what company sells a turbo kit for my soon to be ls powered crx? or will i have to get a custom manifold? i'm not looking at running high psi yet... im wanting to keep it stock for somewhat decent mileage since its my daily driver but i want the extra power a turbo gives. the engine will be a b18a.
what r ur reccomendations??


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as long as you arne't running A/C, any b-series kit should work.
try to find one for a 90-93 integra b18a, that should fit pretty good. maybe some minor piping modifications

prawjEKt Cx

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Originally posted by crxsi@Jan 6 2003, 06:54 PM
Alright... thats cool, thanks.... any particular manufacturer? im not looking for an all out racecar...yet

well i'm assuming your gonna go with a t3 or somthing similar, then just type in 'B series manifold' you'll get a bunch of B turbo manifolds from all different brands.

also keep in mind what turbo your gonna be running and make sure it's compatable with the flange on the manifold.


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I like the rev hard cast manifolds and the ITS 60-1/ T3.. excelent spool and nice cool intake temps under boost.