turbo gsr

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I have decided to turbo my gsr. Right now all i have is a aem cai and a apexi vafc which i will have to sell. I want to piece together my turbo kit so i can save money. I am going to use the stock crank also will i be able to use the stock rods. Is headwork going to be worth the money i am going to spend on it or should i spend that money on the turbo. is the aem ems a good computer to get for turbo
you can still keep the Vafc. You can keep your orginal rods if you are doing low level boost. If you go with more, some nice forged rods would be nice (eagle rods) Some turbo cams would never hurt but the stock cams are alright for now
if your using stock internals then your going with around 7 or 8 pounds of boost then you won't get tons of benefit from mild head work. Big head work would be great but if price is an issue you could build your bottom end to hold another 10 pounds and get alot more hp per dollar. If you have to choose.
yah thats what i want to do then. i am on a limited budget so i want to put my money in the places where i will get the most horses.