Turbo Kit For H22a 20psi+

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Sup, I have a Del sol with a h22a sh and the only two i found was the FMAX http://www.turbokits.com/prelude_turbo_kit.html
and the Turbonetics-Garrett t3/t4. None of these kits give me more than 9psi does anyone know a turbo kit maybe seperate manifold with larger turbo i can buy or do i need a custom manifold?
anyhow, no kit will hold 20 psi. you will blow the manifold to pieces. and a t3/t4 will be throwing in a lot of heat at that pressure. go bigger. sc61, t4 60-1, etc.
that said, i don't think you have any clue what you are getting your self into
hehehe werd B

a h22 in a del sol isnt enough...he wants to go turbo :p

on top of that, 20+ psi :eek:

say goodbye to your tires my friend
I like the challenge, Im going to rebuild from bottom up to strengthen the block ie resleave and the other good stuff so im pretty sure it could handle 20psi atleast. I found an HKS T51R SPL - 1000 PS Output

-Wheel- 56 Trim - 76.5 Inducer/ 102.2 Major
-Housing- 100 Inlet / 80 Outlet
-Wheel- 76 Trim - 82.0 Major / 71.4 Exducer
-Housing- V-Band inlet / V-Band 115.5 mm outlet - 1.00 A/R


With this turbo and a bulletproof h22a will I be able to have 500fwhp? and I couldn't find how much psi does this turbo max out at? Does anyone know of another turbo I can put into the ( 2000 h22a Sh ) del sol? I would appreciate any input.
SolReaver what engine/turbo are you runing on your del sol?
dude- that turbo is FUCKING HUGE. its bigger than, umm, what most 1200 hp skylines run.

it will lag till at least 5-6 grand.

1.0 A/R holy shit.

at 20 psi, that would easily put 800-850 horse to the wheels on an h22.

in other words, unless you are building a COMPLETE drag car, trailered in, trailered home, that is so not the right size for you.

500 whp is EASY to get on an h22. built bottom end and a t4 60-1, sc61, etc will put it at 500 with ease.

for reference, motormatrix.com's street ca is a stock bore b18c spec R, running a turbonetics t-62 (SLIGHTLY larger than a t4 60-1) and put 586 to the wheels.
you have more torque, the option to sleeve, and want to run twice the size turbo. you're plain out nuts.
Well call me insaine, but to me this the most saine thing i've done in a long time. Would the HKS T04R - 650-700 PS Output

-Wheel- 63 Trim - 66.7 Inducer / 84.0 Major
-Housing- 100 Inlet / 60 Outlet - 0.70 A/R
-Wheel- 76 Trim - 74.2 Major / 64.7 Exducer
-Housing- T04 inlet / 65.75 outlet - 0.81, 0.96, 1.15 A/R

be more appropriate for the h22a? i have the sh with ATTS (Active Torque Transfer System) and all around sway bars beefed up suspension and brakes, the car handles amazing no understeer none at all. I moved the battery to the trunk to even the weight out a tad. If i tuned the wastegate and the blowoff could that reduce my lag by 1000rpm?
Another thing im not sure of is tunning, Should i go ahead and get a VAFC or a Hondata to manage the engine? Keep in mind im going Turbo and i don't want to buy one then another, just one.
check out uberteg's (on honda-tech) new chip.....as good if not better than hondata stage 4, for less than 300 bucks with everything (software, eeprom burner, hardware for ur ecu) :thumbsup:
Originally posted by Thechemist@Apr 8 2003, 10:10 AM
If i tuned the wastegate and the blowoff could that reduce my lag by 1000rpm?

ehh- tune the wastegate? there is no adjustable part on a wastegate, the springs are interchangeable but that affects maximum boost pressure, i dont see how it will decrease lag.

And if your bov is wayy completely not adjusted within spec, it will leak boost, but again, i dont see how "tuning" it will have any affect on lag

if you want to reduce lag, you need more air flow. air flow makes for more exhaust flow, more exhaust flow, spins the turbo, the turbo spins the compressor, repeat.

and that other turbo you posted is redicolous.

if you are serious about going all out, talk to geoff racier - geoff@full-race.com
he makes THE best manifolds, and can get you a turbo for your application in a full-kit design.
Thanks for all the info, I'm gonna look into that pissedoffsol.
i dont even know if the h22/t51 combo could fit in the engine bay without mods. ive seen those combos only in fully build drag cars (like Lisa Kubo's civic) where the front has been modified (usually no bumper, all roll cage)