turbo tuning

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have a d16z6 with a small nissan t3 size turbo/ turbonetic wastegte mark ii
blitz blowoff /vortec fmu 12/1 /one step down colder spark plugs (denso) greddy inner cool/in fuel pump/ aem cam gear\ 4 check valve for map sensor fludyne rad fal fan
need help tuning (internal all stock)
runing moble 1 10/30 full syn (what weight should i run) daly driver
how much boost can i run on 91 octane
how much timing retard do l need
where so i set my cam gear
should i take out my thermostat
for future up grades(is bigger injector better or secondary)
what size injectors are you running now?

if you want to tune it- you NEED to take it to a dyno, and you need something to tune with- i.e hondata, a v-afc, etc.
yo brian/ still useing stock injectors just wanta know how much boost my stock motor can handle and what timing
7-10psi before you go so lean you break a ring land....get bigger injectors and a air/fuel guage...and get to a dyno and tune it!
yo turntune u and the other guy brain aren t reading
my whole paragraph
i would like a real number not 7-10 i want to run a pressure that my motor can handle for now (and stop tell ing me to get this and that) if i could afford it i would of got everything i needed ( not everyone is rich) u guys claim to be such good experince experts i dont see any help here (in case u dont know im a smog tec. have 5 ase i deal with driveablty problems everyday
psi means shit. thats why we aren't telling you.
it depends on your turbo trim. its all about how much cfm's the turbo flows.
read this to see an example:

as you can see, a td05 flows anywhere from 3xx to 5xx cfms. and thats a BIG difference. so telling us you have a t3 means nothing. What trim is it, and how many cfm's doesn't it push at X psi?
Yo Tom.....as pissed has said..we are not telling you acurate boost numbers...you asked what psi on stock injectors...so I averaged a bunch of turbos and got a round about number 7-10 psi...I read EVERY paragraph...my advice is genuine,
besides...did you know you can make an air/fuel meter for under $20?...I did and I hid it in my center vent....and gues what...I can monitor how much boost my D15 can handle!...sounds like you just want what I described earlier...to say your running Xpsi....don't mean to go off on you...but I was trying to help...not sell you on some B>S> piece of equipment that I unknowingly think is boss....go back and reread the FAQ list! :angry:
also...your timing ...most people run between .5 and 1 with each 1psi...but before you go adjusting your cam gears...which by the way I'm so poor I cant afford so don't tell me about not having money....timing under boost is spark related not cam related...your cam gears determine valve opening and closing time...if you retard your cams your still gonna have detonation problems.